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you dont even know me

today i am feeling kinda down. my stomach has been hurting me all night. probably from nerves. i hate when people make assumptions about me and they dont even know me. and then when they are so dead wrong it makes me sick. i guess i had respect for vito's family but now i dont know. its like they will do whatever, to talk him into coming home, and that is not nice. and its fucking annoying cause we were just starting to work things out really well. vito was just starting to open up to me. then people, who have no clue whats going on, come and stick their noses into it.

anyway, other then that i had a good time. we did the tour bus thing yesterday which was really cool. i got to see a lot of things that i wouldnt have. plus we went on the ferry to see the statue of liberty. that was really fun. we were so tired but we pushed through. the night tour was really fun too. we went across the manhattan bridge and it was so nice to see the city from afar, and to see the lit up brooklyn bridge. then, after vito called, i went to sleep at the hotel with them. i probably shouldnt have cause i dont think they wanted me there, but vito said it was ok so i went. then this morning we all went down to wall street and walked around for a bit. we went to the WTC site and walked around there for a bit too. then we came back to the hotel and they left. i have been sleeping prettymuch since then.

we woke up at 6 for a while and vito and i talked about a lot of things. he made me feel a alittle better, and he told me he cares more about me than them so it doesnt really matter what they say. i dont know if thats true or not but i like to believe it is...

i really wanted to cut myself last night. i just felt so sick and wanted to let it all out. why cant things just go smoothly for once. why does something always have to complicate things...

this is why i hate people.


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