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sleepy time

so here i am, 9 am, with no sleep yet hehe, watching 90210...drrf i feel so dumb. anyway, last night we were gonna rent a romantic movie and just hang out and stuff, but we just ended up talking and laying with eachother for a while. we fooled around a bit which was fun. we tried new stuff kinda, that was fun too. then vito went to sleep for a while cause he had such a great orgasm that he hurt himself lol. its like those aenurisms you get when you push too hard on the toilet, except it wasnt as serious...and it wasnt an i watched tv for a while cause i figured we would still watch a movie. vito woke up at like 5am and said he was too tired for a movie but he felt bad that i was up waiting all this time so he said we would. we were both pretty hungry though so we decided to make food. i made potatoes and he made chicken for me. he just ate some weird leftovers. i feel bad he always eats those but he doesnt want to waste food. so we sat and ate and watched music videos and the end of some movie. then he went back to bed. it was so nice to cuddle with him, and hang out with him. i think his medication is really working. i am so thankful if it is.

so now i finally want to go to sleep but the people in the hall are making so much noise with bottles and taking out the garbage and stuff, that there is no way i can get to sleep. i hate sleeping here.

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