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therapy for two days in a row. not fun, but helpful i guess. i hope. i just wish i didnt have to go. more breathing exersizes instead of being properly medicated. that sux.

i cried for felicity last night. just the whole noel and felcity with other people really threw me for some reason. drf.

today i got verbaly attacked. thats something i dont want to talk about right now. or never even. just too upsetting. things that dont help my social anxiety.

i watched sorority/fraternity life tonight. normally i wouldnt cause we all know how i feel about blonde, bimbo, bitches...but it was at UB so i had to watch it and support my school. i mostly just wanted to see how they portrayed buffalo and i wanted to see my school cause i miss it so much. i want vito to get a great job here, but i wanna go back to ub...grr

tomorrow i might dye my hair bright red. all of it. fire engine red hehe. then we will go get high and go see a movie. very good. what we really need to do is laundry. but there is never time for laundry lol.

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