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dude, it fuckin sucks that i cant sleep. this is getting really annoying. its also annoying that my medication just stopped working. it just literally stopped working. i am not good when my meds dont work. i get weird, i get depressed. i get suicidal. these are all things we dont want. so what the fuck. i hate my doctor...grrr. he wont even give me meds for my anxiety, which is like taking over my life. but no skin off his back so whatever. GRRRR. was mellow. we watched tv for a while, that was fun. we got this family meal thing from kfc. that was really good. i really love the mashed potatoes. they rock my world. so then i watched the queer as folk season premier. god that was soooo good. yum.

now i present a pic of me. i look so bored.

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