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for real

i went with vito this morning. iwaited for him at starbucks while he did his job thing. then we went to get my computer fixed. the guy said i have to replace the driver and it would cost $270. but then he saw the computer, and the casing is like falling apart, so he said we shouldnt put the driver in when the computer is like that cause it would damage it. we would have to fix the whole computer. and all together that would come to $700!!!! i almost had a heart attach. he said it would be more worth it to just get a new computer. there was a 12" screen beauty there for 1,400 (the newest mac powerbook) so that made sense. hopefully my dad will see it the same way!! so cross your fingers that this works out for me. i cant believe how expensive it is though.

on the way home i was feeling really sick. it started at the computer place. i was shaky and panicky. the social anxiety was kicking in. by the time i got home i was so sick i could hardly breath. i lay down with vito for a while, then i ate and went to sleep. i didnt go to therapy cause i didnt sleep last night at all, and i was so tired so i needed to get some sleep in. then i woke up and couldnt go back to sleep so now i am freakin tired, but maybe i'll get my sleep cycle to go back to normal.

i got hot pockets for diner. yum :-/\

You are Drawn to the Rhythm

are Drawn to the Rhythm

You're always searching for that place where you can find inner
peace and calm. Trying to escape your reality maybe as simple as coming to grips
with it.

Sarah McLachlan Song Are You?

Created by Noor


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