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when i met you i knew...

Saturday is our anniverary. one year since we have been together. so i just wanted to write this down for me to look back on and remember always. March 8 was the day we got together...or hooked up i should say. and thats the day we count because from that day we spent every day together. During spring break is when we really started to admit our feelings for eachother. i started to open my heart to him cause from that point i knew it wasnt just friends with was more. then around april 23rd, i remember we were sitting in the car driving back from IHOP probably, and we were talking about stuff. somehow it came up like where we stodd, and he said we were way past boyfriend and girlfriend. i completely remember that. i mean, i knew it in my heart before that, and so did he, but thats when it was ok to just open up to it, and tell people, and just know that we both could speak the words. lol i sound like a sappy dork. but yeah, so saturday is our 1 year anniversary. i never thought we would get here when we first started out. but then somehow i always sensed it. i always knew.

i love you so much sweetie. you mean the world to me. thank you for changing my life :)

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