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yesterday was a pretty awsome day. it reminded me of sundays of the past. i cant explain it, its just a feeling. i woke up super early cause i couldnt sleep. i was looking on the computer for something to do on st.patricks day cause last year we had so much fun at the rave. anyway after a while i just got so bored of that so i went over to vito who was waking up. we just hung out and talked for a while about stuff. he got up to do a few things, job stuff, while i sat around and red stuf, cut out coupons, and read him funny stuff. after that i came back to my side of the room cause he wanted to sleep again, but then he called me back over cause we were talking about things we admired about eachother. he said he admired my memory, and how i was happy about the smallest things. it was really nice to hear. then he asked me to lay in bed with him and we cuddled, and talked about memories of last year. then we joked about funny stuff we had heard. we laughed and laughed as we eatched the sunlight stream in through the windows. i listened to the street sounds off in teh distance and the faint sound of music playing. it was a perfect sunday.

then finally, since i hadent gotten any sleep before, i started to feel tired. i always fall asleep on vito's shoulder. so we both went to sleep and slept till about 9. i was kinda annoyed cause i wanted to go out, but it was ok cause we had spent such good time hanging out in the morning, so that made up for it. i watched queer as folk, which was so good of course. i completely want brian so bad, especially now that he is pinning over justin (a rarity) lol anyway, then i was getting sad so vito and i watched the sorority life that i had taped last wednesday. damn those girls are stupid! and we watched once and again. so thats a rundown of my day. it was nice and pleasant.

right now vito going job stuff. i am helping him out a bit. he has an interview today. then we are gonna go pic up my prescription cause i have missed my meds two days now. and that is always dangerous!! :p

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