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Alone and depressed?!?!? have the whole room to yourslef?!?! yes i do. so come smoke some trees with me tonight. lol bye the world a coke tonight.lolollol, AHHH i love this feeling.... ma-ri-ju-an a is a goooood thing. lol i can barely spell i am trying so hard. am i even gonna remember thsd tomororow morning?

  • toronto pride!

    Happy Toronto Pride week!!! im excited cause i won tickets to the kickoff pride prism party tomorrow in toronto. so dawn and i are heading over…

  • woah there

    so lj wasnt working for me for lik 2 hours and i almost died lol. i realized that there are a lot of you that i only talk to and contact through…

  • canadia!

    what is there to do in Toronto Canada on a monday night? like bars or clubs?

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