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RIP Molly :(

Yesterday my mom told me that my little fish molly died. he was a beta fish, or fighting fish. i think it was a girl but i always thought of him as a boy hehe, i always do that. i cried for hours cause that little fishy was like my best friend. I got him almost three years ago when i first became a freshman in college. i was really depressed at that time and didnt really have any friends. the little fishy was like my only friend.he used to swim around, and i put my finger to the glass and he would follow my finger up and down, wherever i moved it. it was so cute. that fish went through a lot with me. i used to bring it back and forth from home to buffalo, thats a long trip. and i used to bring it to my grandmas house when we went there. when i came home from buffalo with the train i had to put him in a little bottle in my bag. during the trip i would take the top off and give him air and talk to him. i miss him so much. i feel like i left him all alone. i didnt even get to say goodbye. i hope he wasnt sad when he died. 3 years is a long time, but i feel like he was always there for me when i was sad, and i just left him :( my roomate freshman year used to call him sharky. that was so cute! and last year he tried to commit suicide by jumping out of the tank. andrea had to get him out of the printer. he hurt his fin a little but it got better. he was such a resiliant little fish. i hope he knew how much i love him.

i hope he is happy in fishy heaven

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