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I think you really love me...

We had a good talk last night, or this morning, whatever you wanna call 2am. it was a really nice relationship talk.

Kind of a breakthrough talk.

He knows now what i want, and even need. And i know how he feels. He says what we have now with annie works out cause its nothing more than friends with benefits really. And i would love if he would apply that to hookups he might have outside of me. and i would love to have relationships with someone else and him, that might mean something. That would work out well. we both get what we want, and no one gets hurt. And we both keep our love for eachother strong. i think this is gonna work out. and i dont just mean for a while. I think it will work for a long while. when it comes down to it, we just have a few glitches that we need to iron out, or compromise on. And everything else, we both want. So doesn't that make it as perfect as it can be?? i sure hope so.

Am i even making sense?

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