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took some yummy pics today yo. lol

the day kinda sucked but didnt all at the same time. we were gonna go to my parents house while they were gone, but annie had my keys, so we had to go all the way to the west side to get them. grr.we hung out at tower records and lincoln center for a while. then we were gonna get my hair done at this place that said they could actually do my hair a fire engine red. we get there and wait forever. then the guy says doing my hair would be like $180!! the girl on the phone told us like half that, so we were pissed. plus he said i have to cut my hair cause the bottom is too damaged to be bleached. word. vito kinda started an argurment with the girl he talked to on the phone, and i was starting to get panicky. the subway ride homw was horrible. i felt so sick the whole way home. i felt like i was gonna faint, and i was sooo dizzy. all the stupid social anxiety stuff.

so we decided we were really hungry and went to get food at food emporium. i got ravioli, cream eggs and peeps. what a healthy diet lol. then we went to supercut to ask them about my hair and they said they could bleach the whole thing. so i might just do it there. ugh, i hate this. i wish i could just snap my fingers and my hair would be red. grrrrrrrr. I wanted to go to that rave tonight. but vito is tired, so am i. and we dont have the money. i still wanna so something though :( with him. i dunno. blah. pictures...dont steal biotches ;)

arent we the cutest...

the penis and the butt(lol its a high school thing)

sometimes the link will show up broken. just drag it to your address bar and follow the link. (for macs anyway, i dunno how pc's work yo)

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