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Happy St.Patricks Day!!!!!!!

Yesterday was a pretty good day!! we woke up and it was like sooo sunny outside, so we decided to spend the say outside. we got really, i put on a skirt and tanktop and these really cute striped socks hehe. then we headed out. it was warmer then i thought outside! 65 degrees!!! it was so amazing. so we walked halfway to the park then decided to take a bus. i saw stephen and terrance on the bus which was weird. stephen didnt remember my name. i'm gone half a year and they forget me. this just proves my point. Anyway, we got off at the park and went inside. we checked out the old playground that used to be my favorite. then we walked to these big rocks, there was a path that lead up to this little woden awning place. we sat there for a while and vito read. i was taking a few pictures. then we saw this really cool tree so i had to get pics there too hehe. thrn vito got really hungry so we went to find a food vendor. we got hot dogs and snapple. we were walking toward the zoo and there were so many people. i thought it would be cool to go to the zoo, and vito liked the idea too, so we decided to go there. i havent been to the central park zoo since i was like 10 or something. so we walked around and saw all the animals. the rainforest section was the coolest. they had bats,a nd cool colored birds, a whole display of was pretty freaky, the cutest monkeys, these neon green and blue frogs. it was awsome, then we saw the penguins and polar bears, and we saw the sea lion feedins. they were so cute!! so we had a really good time.

so at about 4:30 we decided to make our way home. it was still nice out, but chilly. we stopped at duane reade to get shamrock stickers but they didnt have any!! grrr! and then i went to mcdonalds to get food hehe.

at night, we watched the movie Normal on HBO. it was about this guy who was transgendered. he was a woman in a mans body. it was a really good movie, but it was kinda sad. it got me thinking about a lot of things. anyway thats all i am gonna say about that.

today we are suppose dto go to the parade, but vito is really bummed out so he said we might not go :( thats really upsetting and dissapointing cause i have been looking forward to today for a long time. and its gonna be crazy nice out again. i wanted to take in all hte st.patricks day fun! i was even gonna go toold navy and get those cute little st.patricks day t-shirts, and get a shamrock shack at mcdonalds.tonight we might stop off at the bar downstairs though, they are irish so i am sure they will be partying it up. i hope today doesnt end up bad. :|

i'll post zoo pictures later...

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