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I just woke up. lol I was so drained and tired and just hating the world. Last week at this time i was listening to Flickersticks soundcheck and looking at the beautiful Fletcher..... I wish i could just go back there right now. SO like most of the day is over. lol. yesterday I just stayed in my room all day in the dark and listened to nine inch nails as loud as i could. thats the perk of mary going home ofr the weekend. hehe. Then i went to dinner with Josh and Jim. Andrea called from home and said she got another tatttoo!!! that girl! i knew she couldnt resist. I want another one tooooo!!! lol SO we talked for a while which was nice. Then i smoked up which was really nice. I missed that. Dude i was so hoping Josh wouldnt come by casue my room reeked of it so bad!!! He did stop by like 2 hours later and we hung out for a while. I talked to him about his strangeness the other day and he was like oh sorry. and then we talked about story ideas he has for stuff that he wanted my help with. It was so reminding me of a situation i was in last year with this guy....ugh we so wont go there. Then at like 3am i went to michelles room and we drank. OMG i could hardly find my way back to my room. lol what a night.

Thursday is My Birthday!!!!! Yipppeee!!!!!!


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