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be kind, please rewind

took this the other day

i have been doing nothing for days. literally nothing. this life must end. i wanna get up, get ready, go out, do my hair. but i cant even do that.

i called UB today and they said i am all set to register in 2 weeks. probably by then they wont have any of the classes i want. as usuall. and i checked out apartments around campus too. the prices are really great. half of what we pay here, for 2 bedrooms. kinda makes me sick. so i might go back in august, and then vito will go back in october. how the hell am i gonna stand 2 months without him? i just know whats gonna happen. i'll sit in my room all alone, dark, painting, cutting and listening to nine inch nails. because thats what i do when i am left alone...

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