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fuck this

i miss buffalo. i miss my friends. i miss hanging out all night with people i can talk to and have munchies with. i miss doing my laundry at 4am. i miss andreas red car, and all of us going places. going out at all. having a purpose. i miss all of it.

i want to go back there so bad. but how can i with vito here? i love him so much. i mean, i know i he takes this job everything with work out and he will sign the lease till october and he will be in the city till october. but i would have to go back to buffalo the end of august. then wait till october when he comes to be with me. and who knows if he will even want to live with me. josh and andrea are getting a place together. its just so unfair how secure they are. how they want to live together and all that. ugh. i feel like i am gonna cry. i know i cant have everything. i just want buffalo, and UB, and my friends, and my love. all in one place. god why is that so much to ask for?

i register for classes this saturday...


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