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gotta love the village

Yesterday i decided i would cycle back my sleep and not sleep all day. Vito had to go to his interview and he wanted to meet me after for lunch. so that was pretty cool. i got up and got ready cause i wanted to go to barnes and noble beforehand so i could get the new queer as folk book. so i ended up going to astor place. barnes and noble didnt open till 10 and it was like 9:45 so i decided to walk around. i went to rickies where everythign was 50% off. i almost died but i didnt get anything. later on vito went back with me and got me this rainbow scarf. its so cute. we even got the lady to knock down the price hehe. so anyway, i walked around st.marks for a while. i got these really cute earrings. then i went into this awsome store that had a million things i wanted but it was sooo expensive. so now i have to like sell my body so i can get money to get stuff there lol. so then finally i went to barned and noble and got my wueer as folk book, and i also got this journal thing to write poetry. it has little inspirational poetry quotes on each page. its very cool. so i walked around a bit more. all these people were smiling at me. lol. so then vito finally called at like 11 something and i went down to wallstreet to meet him at this cafe. i waited for him for an hour and a half cause he was still in the meeting, even though i told him to call me right after he got out lol. all these people were looking at me funny cause of my hair andcause they were all in business suits and i looked so out of place. this one guy tried to pick me up though lol. it was so funny. so vito finally go there and we went into this cafe called Mangia. it was sooo pretty but it looked so expensive, but vito wanted to take me there so it was all good. we had really good sandwiches and lemonade. and then we took a bunch of pics of course lol. i had such a great time with him. he looked so hot in his suit hehe. so once we were done there we came home, on the way back he got me that scarf. he went to sleep but i wanted to stay up. i made it till like 6:30 and then i couldnt take it anymore so i just crashed. i woke up various times in the nigth and vito came over to cuddle and make out with me. he told me how much he loved me and that it was making him uneasy cause he never felt that way before. it was really nice to hear. it was something i knew would happen over time though if he just let himself open up. ANd then some point at the night my dad came over to pick up my hard drive thing so he could get another one. he saw my red hair but didnt make a big deal out of it. they are going upstate today to visit a college. its near buffalo so i wanted to go with them and maybe they could have dropped me off but i dont think they wuld have done that so i didnt ask.

so now i just woke up, vito went to another job thing, and i have nothing to do. ladida. i wish i had more money. poo.

how cute was that <3

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