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*thinkin i can turn a frown into a smile*

i'm looking at all these cool journals trying to figure out how they set it up the way they did. Mine looks kinda corny. lol oh well. I am so glad Flickerstick got signed to Epic. But a little part of me wants them to remain the way they are. They are already selling so much and their shows are always sold out. i just dont want them to become commercialized. argh. can't win. But i am still so happy for them. I am so hungry! maybe i'll go eat a mozarella stick. teehee. its so HOT in my house. I hate not having aircondition. We have stupid ceiling fans thats don't do crap. yay. </p>
*what do you expect after 45 shots?! ~Brandin</p>
And i have Fletcher permanently attached to the inside of my brain. that sounds grosser then i ment it to. lol. ahhh Fletcher...

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