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just do it

i hate this site but i had to do it, so go vote for me and be honest :)

so after a fun night of vito love, i registered for classes at UB. i got mos of the ones i wanted but they didnt have the psych one that i really wanted so now i am one class short and don know what to do. blah. so then i went to sleep at like 10 am lol.

later at night i went to christopher st. (which is like the gay part of nyc) with annie and we hung out there for a while. i got a lot of cool pride stuff. it was fun. so now we might go to the bar but i dont know. i am feeling kinda comfy just being here. and vito keeps coming over here to tell me how much he loves me which is the best feeling in the world.

this is me being bored yesterday.

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