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meds meds meds

so where do i begin? Easter was pretty good. we went to my grandmas house. it was nice. we did a lot of shopping and eating lol. vito slept and studied prettymuch the whole time while i was out. then he left sunday night. i went back with my family on monday. sunday we had to go to church. it was weird and annoying but ok. there were like no seats so our family had to sit apart, which is like retarded. everytime i go there i just remember more and more why i cant stand it. its so cultish lol.

so then monday i got back around 3. vito was all depressed cause he missed work, so he was just like playing games and sleeping. i went to rickies with my sister, then we redid my hair. after that, annie and i went to the LGBT center down in the village. it was ok. i was expecting more. we got a few pamphlets and signed up for a few things. it was cool. atleast we know more about whats going on and we can be a part of the community now. afterwards we walked around. i got a few pins, and the cutest rainbow hairband.

tuesday we went to therapy. i sooo didnt want to go but i'm glad i did. we talked about a few thing like what i really wanted in my life and my relationship. it was helpful. this weekend my parents really got on my case about that. i think they talked vito into staying here no matter what. so i think we are gonna stay in NYC even if he doesnt like his job, and i am not gonna be going back to buffalo. it hasnt hit me yet. but i know it will. ugh, i hate my life.

so today i have just been watching queer as folk. i am supposed to call my sister to go to the village and hang out, get more ear piercings, but i dunno if i want to. i should take my medicine and then make decisions lol. before the meds i never want to do anything. after i take them i always do. so i am off to take a pill.

i have lots of pics hehe, i'll post a few now, a few later.

vito and i at easter. i am in all white! AHHH!!

me and my sister


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