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anger managment

I was soo pissed at myself today!! I Love going to music theory. its the only class i like. And today i missed it. I woke up at like 8:48 and my class starts at 9. i could hardly even sleep after that cause i was just so mad. argh.
I went to my shrink today. He was all happy and peppy so i acted like i was too. lol. so he gave me another prescrip for my wonderful meds. he thinks i dont need them that much anymore but he doesnt want me to be unstable so hes keeping me on them. what a freak.
It is soooo freakin cold in my room. I am wearing like 2 sweaters here. and my roomate still refuses to close ehr window. shes like oh its hot in here how can you be cold. meanwhile its like 40 degrees here and shit. i hate people right now. i wanna go back to sleep :/

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