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i never say goodbye.

yesterday was a pretty fuckin hard day. ugh.

i went to meet vito for lunch. i was like freaking out the whole time i was going there. i took my meds but i was still not ok for some reason. i dunno. it was weird. anyway i met him, we got lunch and went to eat by the seaport. it was really cool. i had so much fun. and it was nice to be around him. so we ate, took some pictures, and then i went to ge my fav icecream at hagendaazs (sp?) lol--baileys irish cream.

so then we went to do some of hs job thigns which was annoying but ok cause i got to hang out with him. people were lookin a me funny cause i was dressed all weird lol. then after that we went to this place for vito to study and then we went to therapy.

it was my last session with becky so it was really hard. she was just an intern there, so she had to leave caus there were no more job openings available at that place. it was just really hard. she helped us through a lot of things and she was always giving us advice. i think if it wasnt for her, vito and i would be having such a hard time right now. she was just so great. and i cried so hard. i am really gonna miss her. plus she doesnt want to keep in contact cause she wants me to be ok with my new therapist. i just dont get it. so yeah, that was that.

i had some weird dreams last night. one involved having sex with kara. i guess cause ihave been thinking a lot about her. and because vitosaid my new therapist lookes like her. woopee.

so now we are going to get his hair cut. and then to my parents house which i really dont want to do. oh well.

oh and my fucking eyebrow ring fell out today. it literally just fell out. now i have to go get a new one damn it. or something. vito thinks i should get a nosering. i want a lip ring, but i have been doing tha fake one for a test and its a little annoying. the nose one might be cool but its never been my thing. i'll see. what do you think? maybe i'll make a poll...

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