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so we went to see xmen 2. annie ended up coming too. before we went we took vitos speed/ritalin. he tried it first then told us t d it cause it was nice. it was pretty cool. it helped me be more awake. i know it helped him too. i found an extra ticket so now i have 10 extra bucks cause vit sold it. hehe. the movie was awsome. soooo very awsome. and Wolverine is soooo hot hehe. anyway, afterwards everyone came back to my place. it was a drag so annie left. then my sister and i got high some more. then we went to dunkin donuts. i wanted to try the x-men icecream. it looked weird but ended up being really good.

so here i am all high. vito is sleeping. he passed his first part of his test yesterday. he is supposed to do the second one today but i think he is postponing it cause he didnt get to study. but he has been so wonderful with me. he knows i am in his heart and he is in love with me. it scares him but it helpe me feel more secure that he needs me and loves me. blah.

thats my purty cat :)

so nose ring? really? you better have all taken my last poll...;)

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