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i know

wow its been a while. well... a lot has happened i guess. a lot and not much at all. Saturday i wanted soemthing to do, so annie came over and we decided to go to the Batcave. I actually convinced Vito to come with us!! i couldnt believe it. so we got all dressed up and went. i had so much fun. i danced all night and vito danced all night with me, like really close, and kissing me. it was so nice. it was like he just wanted to be with me. he has been like that all weekend. just telling me how much he loves me and wants to be with me always and all that. it makes me so happy. anyway, so we stayed there till like 4:30am. there were so many hot people there. its crazy. and its like the one place i dont feel weird. hehe. so then we left, and we were all so hungry, so we went to the starlight diner to eat. when we came home we fooled around and went to bed. vito and i kind of had an arguement cause he was being a little mean to me and then just left me and went to hang out with annie. but we talked about it and worked it out.

Sunday Vito went to hang out with his friend Dave. Annie and i went shoppin places. we got to urban outfitters, i got these cute armwarmers. there was so much more i wanted to buy but i left like all my money at home. then we went o barnes and noble and we were gonna go to claires but it was closed. so we hauled ass to 33rd st. cause we thought stuff would still be open but everything was closing when we got there. so that was a bummer. on he way home i rented queer as folk but we havent watched it yet. god i know there is so much i am forgetting.

yesterday i just slept all day and had amazing sex. i also started painting again which is good. i just had such an urge. and i made a mix cd for vito of all these lovey songs and songs that remind me of us. i hope he likes it. i still havent decided what to do about buffalo. we have till june to really decide i guess. ugh, thats gonna be so hard. i cry about it all the time. blah. today i am supposed to see my new therapist but i dont think i want to. i think i need just one week to let it all sink in. this week has been so hard and weird with all the emotional stuff. whew.

so today i dunno. Vito went for an interview. i hope he gets it. its some office job. this is while he is studying to get certified for that financial job that will make or brake the buffalo plans. grr. so i wanna go out and do something but i feel like shit so i dunno. we will see...

fuck the fare hikes by the way. i dont have money for that shit...

pictures will be posted of a later post since this one was so damned long hehe.

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