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music for the heart

today i woke up feeling kind of eh. i didnt really wanna do anything but i was bummed that i wasnt waking up to do anything. my life lol. so vito was all wanting to study, so he told me to get ready and we would go out. so i got ready and we went to subway. at first i didnt want to get anything cause i didnt want to spend my money on food. but he was annoyed with that so i got a sandwich. then he went to therapy while i went home. he told me he would call me when he got out and we would go to dunkin donuts to study. so after therapy he idnt call, just came home cause he was too tired. but i got him to go out anyway. so i read while he studied. and took pics of course lol. then we went home and i called annie.

i had to go meet her at union square which i was all nervous about. i took my meds but i was still all panicky. plus vito was being a little annoying about the tv so that stressed me out a bit. anyway, i met her at virgin mega store and we just chilled there listening to music for mad long. i found this really cute rockin emily shirt so i got it. and iwas gonna get the boomkat cd cause i like taryn mannings voice, but i ended up getting the yeah yeah yeah's cd which i never thought i would in a million years. anyway, then we went to go eat cause annie was hungry. there was a taco bell/pizza hut. i almost died lol. those are my 2 fav food places. i just ended up getting a taco cause once again ididnt want to waste money on food. hehe. then it started pouring rain outside. annie and i were upset cause we wanted to do a whole photoshoot thing and now everything would be wet. so we were gonna walk around but now we couldnt, so we ended up going back to virgin and just hung out there a while longer. it was cool though. after a while we left cause vito wanted us to come home and hang out. but we went to wallgreens first. i got these 2 for 5 makeups that were cool and the new upside down 7up. what is up with that?? lol. anyway it was good so its all good.

we walked home in the rain and when we got into the building we found this bag of clothes. people put it out there sometimes cause they dont wanna throw it away so other people can use it. i got this mad awsome jacket and some really cool shirts. i also got the i <3 nyc shirt i have wanted for so long hehe. so that was rad. so now i am sitting here on vito;s side of the room. he set up my computer and stuff all here on his desk cause he wants me to be here around him and he wants me to have a desk here. i thought that was so sweet and cool of him. and he wants me to be here around him :) yay.

i hope tomorrow is good too :)

i'll post all the fab pics soon :) i know your all dying to see them *everyone rolling there eyes*

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