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long day

so my cousins communion was ok. he was so cute. i had a massive panick attack in the middle of it though. that was so not fun. i didnt wanna leave though cause i didnt want to make a big deal out of it. good thing vito was there to comfort me and i brought an extra pill. afterwards we went out to eat at this cute cafe and i had this really fuckin good burger hehe. i was waiting for people to call but that didnt work out :( maybe next time. (hope your alright hun) so my fam took a bunch of pics and then they went home. i went shoppin alone. i got some cool things at claires. then i came home to change cause the shoes i was wearing were so painful lol.

then i went to meet annie in the village. we hung out for a while and i bought a lot of cool stuff hehe. it makes me feel better. so now we are home. i am eating my frostie, vito is studying and annie and i are trying to figure out what to do tonight hehe. isnt that always what we do saturday night?!??!

i have such a headache and i am so tired and crampy, but we MUST do something lol.


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