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for queer as folk fans

i was reading this today, and this paragraph just made me melt... its from a fanfic called The kiss by Morpheus its a gapfiller for ep 308 right after they get together in the office.

We kissed and began pulling off our clothes, urgent but not frantic, just hungry.  In my case, starving, starving for kisses I'd been denying myself since Justin walked away from me.  There was only one mouth I've wanted to kiss, one mouth whose sweet delicious taste had left me with such hunger that I immediately had to eat his mouth, taste the silky skin of his neck, feel the gentle bristle of his baby-whiskered cheeks.  I touched his hair, longer now than I'd ever seen it, I tweaked and twisted that fine soft hair in my fingers, buried my nose in a handful, snaked out my tongue briefly to taste a few strands, the remembered scent taking my breath away.

what am i still doing up at 4:30 reading fanfic when i have to get up at 6am....

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