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nothing on tv tonight...

i had the best night last night. I went to wallmart with Andrea and i got a blacklight and a strobe light. It looks totally awsome in my room!!!! Then we went to this sex talk thing Josh was doing as a program since he is an RA. That was really weird. lol I got Dominos pizza for dinner lol. it was great.I really missed my pizza. Then me, Josh, Andrea and Jim hung out all night. We got some Ben and Jerry's icecream and just hung out and talked in josh's room it was so awsome. We listened to Pink Floyd and had teh red light on all night. it was the best. I wish evrynight would be like that. Josh os sooo funny!!1 he was like jumping around and hyper and all that. You know those nights you wish would never end?? that was one of them. it was so wonderful.

today it rained like hell. I didnt wake up till like 12. I missed my first two classes again. yuck. but i got to my third one. It was sooo freezing when i woke up so i jumped into the hottest shower. It felt soo great. Then later on today they finally turned the heat on. SO i went ot classin the pouring raina dn i was 15 min late cause teh bus just stood in one place for half an hour. It was so annoying. After class i got coffee and dinner with Josh. mucho funness.

Tomorrow is my birthday!! yippeee!!!!! plus i am soo in love...kinda lol

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