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long days, longer nights

so yeah, after my retarded depression tantrum, i finally got ready and went to meet vito. i really hate taking the subway. everybody looks at me like i am a stupid retard. grr. i hate people. so anyway, i met up with him, he said he was tired and wanted to go eat someplace back home. so i got upset cause it was sooo hard for me to go down there and then he just wanted to go home. so we decided to go eat at the village. but first he had to pee so we went inisde this historic building or something on wallstreet. he spent like an hour in there, which also annoyed me cause he said he was so tired and i was so hungry i was gonna pass out. so after that we left and were gonna go downtown but i saw this wallstreet restaurant thing. so we went to chekcc it out. it was way overpriced so i thought we would leave, but vito wanted to stay. so once again i was pretty annoyed. But we got a cool meal and we started talking, and i got in a better mood so we had a fun time. we took a few pictures cause the view was so great from up there. and the deserts were so cool. they were like art lol.

after that we came home and vito went to bed. i couldnt really sleep, at this point i had only slept 5 hours in 3 days, so that could have been a factor in my grumpyness. but i lay down next to vito and i was starting to actually fall asleep. but then annie called so we went down to the village. we walked around a bit looking for jewelry places, then we hit christopher street, or close to it lol, and i went in to this place to get a nose piercing. i was sooooo nervouse but i got my nose pierced!! it hurt so bad at first but once the piercing was done it was ok. its annoying now and i have the sniffles, but other then that its all good. then i convinced annie to get her bellybutton pierced. so yeaah that was cool and fun. we walked down st.marks after that and i got a bracelet that i wanted. boo ya!

so we came home and woke vito up to show him our piercings. he really liked them. so we just hung out taking pictured and shit. then we fooled around till like 2 am. it was ok. its gettin kinda lame with her. vito doesnt even like it anymore. so yeah, whatever.

then he missed his work thing this morning, but we were finally sleeping which is like so huge for me. and then he woke up for his job interview. he took his meds and he was soo jumpy and all over the place. it was really weird and funny at the same time. but his mood is so normal then, and he is so lovely to me. i tell him, thats how it would be if we were properly medicated. stupid brains we have lol. anyway so he is gonna come home with a bunch of groceries i hope, and my frostie and cheesburger lol.

then we are going to see the Matrix reloaded!!! yippee!!!! :)

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