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GRRR...just read it please. especially x-files fans

i hate when i dont update and then a bunch of stuff happens and i forget. well lets start with friday i guess. i dont remember much of it. i got up late cause i couldnt sleep and i finally got to sleep probably early in the morning. when i woke up, vito had taken his meds so he was all up and ready to hang out with me. so first he just wanted to lay with me and stuff, but then we decided to go food shopping cause we havent done that in like 2 months. no joke. so we finally have food and i dont have to starve! yay! lol.

then we got home from the massive shopping and annie invited us over to her job's office, apparently her and a coworker, chris where drinking and they were massivly drunk. so vito and i went over, we took a bunch of pics. i drank and then we just hung out. SO chris got really weird after a while. she was kinda all over vito but waslike weirded out by it. it was...well, weird lol. but then we realized she was so drunk that we would have to bring her home. so we put together all her stuff and took a cab back to her place which was on 15th st. she said we could hang out there but then she got all weird and we had to leave. so i am pretty drunk at this point cause we brought the rest of the vodka with us in a bottle, and annie is still a bit drunk, so we decide to walk a little down 14th. we went into wallgreens and got like, i dont even know lol..water i think. and then we went into a billiards place and played pool. now this was my first time playing pool, and i was ok, but i knew i would have done better if i wasnt drunk lol. so at like 3 we got kicked out of there, and from there we walked to st.marks where we decided to eat. this is where things got a little out of control. vito and i started talking about stupid relationship things. and how it was my fault this and that, idont even remember cause i was so drunk. all i know is i ended up crying real bad and the burgers were gross. so i think he apologized..whatever. we left the place and everything was ok cause when we got home, vito just like pulled me into bed and we had sex. so yay for the night.

yesterday i woke up crazy late and was soooo sick. i had a sore throat, my belly hurt lick fuck, and i had a fever. now i was supposed to go to this goth party, but it was $10 which is a lot for me now, and i knew i would have a horrible time being so sick. plus i kinda just wanted to stay home with vito. so i did. at first he was doing a lot of his work stuff, while i ate, but then he took his medicine and he got all interested in me and my stuff. he wanted to hear all the music i loved. so we spent a long time collecting all my cd's and i picked out the ones that meant a lot to me or were my faves. so by the time we did all that, vito was so tired so we decided the intrumental X-Files cd was best. so we listened to that and damn it brought back a lot of memories. good and mostly bad. afterwards i just freaked out and had like a nervous breakdown. i just wanted to get out of my bos. if vito didnt hold me down i probably would have run out of the apt in my pajamas. I was just so upset cause to think of it i never really mourned the end of the x-files. now to everyone else it may have just been a show. but to me it was my life. i lived with mulder and scully. that was my life as much as thiers. my life at home was so bad at that time and so depressing that the x-files was my excape, my salvation. and then suddenly it was just taken away. and i felt it tonight, and i was sad and angry, and just freaking the fuck out. its like a part of me died. and its weird cause its like the one year anniversary of the show being over... so yeah i was trying to calm down so i told vito to jsut talk to me about anything. and he told me a story about a boy and his machine and these really cool things that he made up. his excape when he was a kid. his fantasy. it was so amazing and beautiful. so after that we just talked a whole bunch about everything we/i was feeling. it felt good.

then we looked at teh cats outside our window and fed them. there are kittens down there that i want so bad. so yeah, now its 9:15 and i am still up. so sleeping in the day it is again.

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