Captain of the Innuendo Squad. (brandinsbabe) wrote,
Captain of the Innuendo Squad.


so yesterday morning we went to dunkin donuts. now when i say morning i mean lol 4am lol. it was fun. and hard. we had a hard conversation. then we came home and fooled around. hehe. it was mostly to calm vito down. but all is good.

Then later i went to meet him for lunch, but he showed up late so we didnt have enough time before my psychiatry appointment. but i got to talk to Andrea which was really great. i miss her so much. and i had a weird dream about josh the other night lol. we wont go there. anyway, i am kind of thinking that i will probably be going back to B-Lo. it might be fun. plus we worked out this schedule where vito would come see me like almost eery other week. so it might not be that bad. anyway, so i went to my appointment. it was ok. he gave me new depression meds so thats good. the one i am on just stopped working. it was horrible. so yeah. then afterwards vito came home to sleep and i went to hang out with annie.wooo

we went to virgin mega store and to eat and stuff. it was cool. i still didnt get my qaf cd yet though but we found it was cheaper through online so i ordered it. woooo. so then we decided we were really bored and we wanted to play pool but we wanted vito to come. so we called him and told him to meet us there. we played pool and it was fun. wooo. the place was also an arcade place so we played knock hockey and i kicked everyones ass. and vito played some arcade games. then at liek 2am we went home. vito and i were on the computer forever. then we tried to go to sleep but ended up fooling around instead. it was frustrating though. i wont go into detail hehe.

so today i was supposed to go see my therapist but vito was freaking out about everything so we couldnt go. and i cant go without him cause of my stupid social anxiety. thats just one step too much for me still. blah. so now he is at work till 9:30. i am supposed to go drinkin and play pool with annie and this guy she met. but i dont know how thats gonna work out cause she is gettin all mad and frustrated that i wannna go.

she is fucking my boyfriend, and she is annoyed that i wanna hang out with her and this guy she just met...ok....ANYWAY....

so thats the story. here are the pics.


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