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thanks for loving me...thanks a lot

i am just so tired. i dont know if i can update this thing that much anymore. my brain just hasnt been working as well. and i can never sleep. i want to so bad and i cant. i try to remember things and i cant. i try to understand why i am treated like crap. and i just cant.

weve been playing pool a lot. i guess its convenient hehe. but its fun. i do ok. then yesterday we finally went to macy's so i could use my gift card. i got a few cut things. then annie and i went to to CBGB's to see the drive. vito didnt come of course. to anything. oh well. not like he needs to spend time with me before i go back to buffalo...

so today we decided to go to staten island cause there is a mall there that has a hot topic. so we get there and find out there is a torrid too, which is my fav store online cause they have bigger sizes. there were so many things i wanted. but i only had enough for a few things. then we went to hot topic and i bought stuff there too lol. I saw Lauren and Brittany which was really cool cause i havent seen them in so long, and they live in staten island. so lauren picked us up from the ferry and we hung out. Then we met up with Brittany when she got out of work. so that took a few hours. then we headed home.

we stopped at barnes and noble and i got a cd. we hung out a little, then i was sooooo tired i just had to go home. so here i am with no place to sleep. annie is on my bed and vito wont let me sleep again. so once again i have to sit on my computer chair and sleep hunched over onto the desk. thats when you know someone loves ya...

i just hope he sees what he is missing when i am gone.

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