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yes you know you wanna read it

last cigarette: yesterday
last car ride: yeatersay afternoon
last kiss: a day or 2 ago :(
last good cry: oh goodness. i cry like everyday. i guess a few days ago
last library book checked out: a bunch of books about freaks and depressed people lol. oh and one about homosexuality.
last movie seen: the matrix reloaded
last book read: i am reading gingerbread
last cuss word uttered: probably fuck. i say that a lot
last beverage drank: drinking the matrix powerade lol
last food consumed: frosted flakes
last crush: a bunch of random girls i see at clubs or stores lol
last phone call: i called vito to tell him to tape queer as folk lol
last tv show watched: the osbournes marathon
last time showered: yesterday afternoon
last shoes worn: my big platform boots
last cd played: christina aguilara-stripped. she has a good voice ok? fu
last item bought: shopped a bunch at torrid, and the christina cd lol
last downloaded: kelly osbourne??
last annoyance: vito not letting me sleep with him
last disappointment: vito being rude to me...
last soda drank: root beer
last thing written: poem about love...vito maybe
last key used: keys to lock the door on my way out.
last word spoken: dunno. something to vito in a dissapointed tone
last sleep: last night/morning
last im: Lauren
last sexual fantasy: two guys
ice cream eaten: frosty. does that count?
last time amused: my three friends and i singing to the spice girls
last time wanting to die: like an hour ago??
last time in love: currently
last time hugged: 3 days...
last time scolded: today, by my boyfriend. isnt that obnoxious
last time resentful: today. guess.
last chair sat in: the metal blue one i am sitting in now
last lipstick used: my cute red one with my tony&tina lipgloss :)
last underwear worn: uh, my blue leapord ones i am wearing now
last bra worn: my black, boob minimizing ones. i hate my boobs
last shirt worn: my pajama shirt. funfest 2002 from josh lol
last webpage visited: drrrrf.

i love ya xdoylex :)

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