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yay monday we saw bruce almighty and it was soo funny. it was so nice to hang out with vito and do something fun with him. and he wasnt being a jerk either. then annie FINALLY left. that girl doesnt get a clue sometimes. and vito and i just hung out. then he had to go to work.

when he came home he was all upset and i dont even know. in one of his moods i guess. i really missed him and just wanted to be with him but he was acting like a total jerk. i dunno, just treating me like crap; so i went to bed and cried myself to sleep, apologizing to him of course, for whatever i did that made him upset. grrr. so in the morning he apologized and everything was ok. i like it that way. keep it simple and ok. i mean, if i leave, i dont wanna leave with us being so upset at eachother all the time. i just have to suck it up and deal with it, and let him love me the way he can. i know he has a lot on his mind, and a lot of important things going on, so i need to just remind myself that its that and not me cause he loves me a lot.

ANYWAY....then later i met him at starbucks and we went to therapy with my new therapist Lisa. she was ok. i dont think she was as in tune to me as Becky, but i guess it was her first day so i have to give her a chance. Vito told her a lot of background and i just sat there having a panick attack. it was so bad. and i really had to throw up but i was just trying to keep my cool and not keep shaking. ugh. so when we left i went to the bathroom and threw up lol. then we went to subway to eat cause i was so hungry, and i was kind of waiting for a friend to call me so we could hang out. it was nice to hang out with vito without any pressure and just talk and stuff. he doesnt know how much i miss that. we talked about the differences between transgendered, transexual, transvetites, bisexuals, pansexual and androgenous people lol. it was fun. so finally we decided to go home.

he went to bed, i did a few things on the computer and then i was so tired that i had to go to bed, which was really nice cause i have such bad insomnia so that never happens! cool beans. so today i am just sitting around blah. vito is going to work later. i am just gonna be bored all day with nothing to do and nowhere to go. what else is new...i started on my new meds. i hope they work!

me and my friends Lauren and brittany from staten island. ive known them since i was 3 :)


the last one i swear!

me and poopoocat :)

wooooo yeah thats all folks :p

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