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somebody save me

Yesterday was very weird.i went with vito to his public assistance thingy. so i am waiting in the waiting room and this lady approaches me and says she cant breath, that she is getting these images in her head of someone very worried about me. she can feel this thing of death all around me. so she goes on and on and like tells me so much about myself that there was no way she could have known. all this stuff about vito that was really personal, stuff about drugs, stuff about people close to me. she was telling me that if i didnt try to open up to god, i would die, or vito would die, or something bad would happen. it was totally freaky. but she just got so much stuff right in out lives. she practically was saying things that i have said before to vito about him being the only one and all that. it was so weird.she said that we would get married lol. and i have been sayin that to him all week. and she was like, you are ok with him going and being with other people as long as he comes back to you and you are the one. and she knew we had threesomes and stuff. weeeeiiiirdd.

i hate people that try to "save" me, but this was unreal. i got like dizzy afterwards and was just really upset on the way home. why do these things happen to me??? grr.

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