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some quizzes. i'm sad

You are the one who holds back your feelings from
others and yourself. You dont want to show
people your weak u dont want sympathy. Your
strong but maybe... you should show ur
feelings, just alittle*

The type of pain ur eyes behold
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Unreciprocated Love
Unreciprocated Love

Which Life Stage Are You?
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You Are Lust
You are Lust.

Every part of you screams "Do me now!"
You exude sexuality and while others sometimes
view you as a slut, you see yourself as only
giving into your base desires.

What Emotion Are You?
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Cutting. Your depression can be found lingering on
the edge of a razor. An easilly hidden little
habbit that's often used as a subsitution for
crying. The blood is surprisingly hypnotic...

How do you deal with your depression?
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You're Nancy, air and invention. Analysis: Oh boy.
You've got issues, mostly with the world at
large. You've been dumped on your whole life
and that pain has pretty much turned you evil.
Sure, it's not your fault, but you don't help
matters by going with it. Stop, think and try
to get off the black magic or someone's going
to knock you off your broom. Traits: clever,
fanciful, mean, impulsive.

Which Witch from The Craft Are You?
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Denial Obsession
Denial Obsession

What's Your Obsession?
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yeah right

Your Masturbation Method Should be Using Your Hands!

You are very traditional and maybe a little modest.

You need a little extra push to venture out into a more kinky side.

What's *Your* Masturbation Method?

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