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yay its summer outside!!

since my new medicine i have been sleeping so damn much. its great. i am catching up on all the lost sleep of m insomnia. i wake up feeling so groggy though. maybe thats just a side effect and hopefully it will go away.

josh called me yesterday. we talked for a long time and did a lot fo catching up. he wants me to come up to long island(where he lives for the summer) and hang out, and help him work on this film idea we have been doing for his senior final project. so we talked about that for a long time. i am pretty sure at this point that i am going back. i just have to look at the schedule vito wrote up to see when he is gonna come up and visit me, cause thats gonna be soooo hard. but it will be nice to be back in buffalo again where i can breath. and it will be nice to be back with josh and andrea before josh graduates this comming year.

so today vito and i are invited to a barbeque at annie's coworkers house. i am so excited cause it is sooo nice out and i can wear my cute outfit. vito got home from work and was like, i am not going. but i really want him to go. it just wont be asmuch fun without him. plus now that i think i am leaving, i want to spend as much time with him as i can inbetween his studying. so i hope today works out well and we both go and have fun!!! i'm excited!! :)

Congratulations, you are Precious Things. You
rock! This by far in my first and most
favorite Tori song ever.

What Tori Amos song are you?
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