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yes yes, i know i did this yesterday but here is an updated one since i like this better hehe.

diamond_rain 102%
drownophelia 102%
xglittergod 91%
starsinhereyez 91%
missdeleterious 87%
baset 84%
heartshpdbox 84%
l0nd0 84%
cutieny02 84%
aurynpendragon 83%
i_wish_for_rain 78%
zoeticaebb 76%
switchanmorata 58%
How compatible with me are YOU?

so yeah, the barbeque. all day it was crazy nice out, and then right when we have to leave there decides to be this huge thunder storm. so that sucked. lol. so we waited a while and it went away. we got to chris;s house at like 6? they already had pina coladas made so we started drinking. we just hung out the rest of the night, barbequing and drinking. i couldnt eat my hamburger. i think i am going vegetarian again. that might be good. so then we go to this store to get chips and these two guys ask us if we wanna get high. it was really funny. i wanted to but we couldnt leave anyone. so later on after i was so drunk and didnt even know it, we decided to leave. annie was being a bitch about stuff so that kinda ruined the rest of the night. ijust came home and passed out lol.

last night we decided we still wanted to go out so annie came over and we got high and drank, then my friend jenn came over and we went to the bar downstairs. it was pretty cool. i payed like nothing for so many drinks. gotta love esther. so that rocked. today i feel like blah. its still raining outside. its like i wanna do something but i dont. i went to wendy;s to get my baked potatoe with cheese. thats my new obsession lol. then annie is gonna call and i am gonna meet her at her work so we can scan some older pics. fun fun. and there is no queer as folk tonight :( and vito has to work till 8. yuck.

i have so many more but those will be posted in my other journal :)

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