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haha this list is gonna keep getting longer and longer but i love it!!! sorry if i keep posting it. actually no, its my journal and i love this thing!! mmuahahaha

diamond_rain 102%
drownophelia 102%
rainbowthreads 102%
butterfly1121 100%
xglittergod 91%
starsinhereyez 91%
shaggy667 91%
missdeleterious 87%
diamentia 87%
baset 84%
heartshpdbox 84%
l0nd0 84%
cutieny02 84%
erries 84%
i_wish_for_rain 84%
aurynpendragon 83%
zoeticaebb 76%
babygroupie 69%
switchanmorata 58%
How compatible with me are YOU?

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