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why does everybody suck so much.


Basic Questions
1) Name: Csilla
2) Sex: female
3) Birthday: september 27 1982
4) Height: 5'5"
5) Weight: hmmm dunno around 180?
6) Hair color: naturally brown, now bright fire engine red
7) Eye color: brown
8) Ethnic background: Hungarian and Ecuadorian
9) Horoscope: Libra
10) Born: New York, NY
11) Father's full name: Ruben Jara
12) Mother's full name: Margit Nagy Jara
13) Sibling(s): Cristina, Marisa
14) Song: The Fragile -Nine inch Nails
15) Band/singer: Nine inch Nails, Flickerstick, Skindive, Kidneythieves, Soundtracks, Incubus
16) Actor: Gale Harold, James Marsters
17) Actress: Angelina Jolie
18) Movies: american beauty, my first mister, girl interrupted, seven, ID4 haha i know, jurrasic park, Go
19) Book: She's Come Undone by Wally Lamb
20) Author: no one specific
21) Clothing brand name: tripp, monster, hottopic
22) Animal: cats
23) Day of the week: saturday
24) Color: black, red, blue, glitter
25) Food: Italian, greek
26) Class in school: art
27) Store: hottopic, trash and vaudville, torrid, freaks
28) City: buffalo, ny
29) Country: USA babeee
30) Vacation spot: cancun
31) Sport: basketball
32) Game: uhh...knock hockey i guess? pool?
33) Car: anything cool
34) Internet site: and livejournal
35) Ice cream flavor: mint chocolate chip, strawberry
36) Season: Fall
37) Month: October
38) Holiday: Christmas, Halloween
39) Flower: Rose
40) Cartoon: Spongebob Squarepants, Daria
41) TV show: Queer as Folk, Buffy, Angel, The x-files
42) Fictional story: huh?
43) Perfume/cologne: coolwater, calgon
44) Hobby: photography, sex, internet, girls
45) Flavor: chocolate
46) Scent: rain
47) Quote: "The only sane response to an insane world is insanity"- Fox Mulder :)
48) Word: Fuck
49) Hot or cold: hot baby
50) Sweet or sour: sweet
51) Spicy or bland: gross
52) Fast or slow: lol it i guess
53) Black or white: Black
54) Half-full or half-empty: half empty
55) Long or short: long hehe
56) More or less: more
57) Soft or hard: hahaha i like my pillows soft and my men hard hahahaha
58) Rough or smooth: smooth
59) Air, land or sea: land
60) Light or dark: Dark
61) Straight or curly: straight
62) Straight or curvy: curvy
63) Large or small: haha. small boobs. large everything else
64) Fat or thin: medium. what a stupid question
65) E-mail or letter: letter.i get so excited when i get them.
66) Phone or instant message: instant message. i fucking HATE the phone.
67) Day or night: night. i am never awake during the day.
68) Breakfast, lunch or dinner: dinner
69) Past, present or future: past
70) Radio or CD: CD
71) MTV or VH1: MTV
72) Brush or comb: comb
73) Slide, see-saw or swings: swings
74) Doing or watching: doing
75) Mind or body: Mind
76) Consciousness, subconsciousness or unconsciousness: subconsciousness
77) Feet or hands: hands yo
78) Water or juice: Juice
79) Ocean or pool: pool. i hate the beach so much lol
80) Treadmill or road: treadmill. it ends!!!!! lol
81) Speaker-phone or hand-held: hand held
82) AIM or ICQ: AIM
83) Rain or shine: rain
84) Cat or dog: Cat
85) Innie or outie: innie
86) Inside or outside: inside
87) Up/high or down/low: i like to be high...
88) Closet or dresser-drawers: closets
89) Bed frame or only mattress: bed frame
90) Silver or gold: silver. gold is yucky
91) Are you Hetero-/Homo-/Bi-sexual?: bisexual/pansexual
92) Are you in love?: yes :)
93) Are you in a relationship?: yes
94) Have you ever fancied the same sex?: ooooh yes
95) Have you gotten your first kiss?: uh duh
96) Do you have a crush?: yes hehe
97) Do you enjoy being in love/having a crush?: not really crushes usually suck.
98) What form of birth control do/would you use?: the patch thingy
99) Will you use birth control?: of course
100) Would/did you have sex before marriage?: ive had it like a million times lol
101) Do you believe in hookups (sexual relations without emotion)?: yes yes and yes
102) Have you ever had a hookup?: oooh yeah
103) Is there a difference between a crush and being in love?: am i even going to answer this? no.
104) Do you believe in love at first sight?: no. i believe in LUST at first site
105) Do you believe in true love?: Yes
106) Can long-distance relationships work?: yeah, as long as you are honest with eachother
107) Have you ever had a long-distance relationship?: kinda
108) What of online relationships?: had a few
109) Have you ever been married?: No
110) Have you ever been divorced?: no.duh
111) Have you ever been in love?: Yeah
112) If so, how many times?: 3
113) Have you had sex in the past and regretted it?: yeah. ugh
114) Have you fallen in love in the past and regretted it?: yeah. it hurts too bad, but its not like you can control it...
115) How old were you when you got your first kiss?: lol kindergarten!? french kiss i think second grade.....haha
116) Have you ever had your heart broken?: all the time
117) Have you ever broken someone's heart?: no, no one loves me enough for that to happen
118) Have you ever sexually harassed someone?: no
119) Have you ever been sexually harassed yourself?:oh yeah, majorly. almost every day. :(
120) Have you ever been jealous of a friend for their boy/girlfriend?: grrr yes.
121) Have you ever been jealous of your boy/girlfriend's "close" friend(s)?: nope not really
122) Have you ever been jealous of your boy/girlfriend's ex?: a little
123) Have you ever gotten back together with an ex?: nope
124) Have you ever gotten together with a friend's ex?: nope i dont think so.
125) Have you ever had a crush on a teacher?: LOL yeah and he is my current boyfriend hahaha
126) Have you ever been in love with someone so much that you've cried over them?: oh my god yes
127) What's the most affection you deem appropriate for public?: kissing, whatever. sex if you want hehe
128) Have/would you ever see(n) an "X"-rated movie?: tons and tons of times
129) Do you enjoy French-kissing?: ahhh i love it.
130) Do you keep a picture of your beloved somewhere: of course!
131) Would you (honestly) sacrifice your life for your beloved?: yes i would. in a heartbeat.
132) Have/would you ever use whipped cream, hot wax, etc in a sexual act?: already have
133) What do you look for in a lover (physically)?: eyes, smile, hands
134) What do you look for in a lover (mentally/emotionally)?: sensitivity, humor, loyalty, honesty
135) Do cherries or strawberries have any sexual meaning for you?: hell yeah. you have to eat them in just the right way hehe
136) Have you ever dumped someone?: yeah
137) Have you ever been dumped?: hmm nope it was usually a mutual
138) Have you ever had your heart broken?: grr yes.
139) Are you (honestly) afraid of commitment?: nope not one bit.
140) Are you attracted to people with accents?: yes :)
141) Have you ever had sexual relations in public?: lol. i wish. but sadly no.
142) Do you have a memento from a previous relationship?: probably
143) Is there a certain smell, sight, sound, or taste that reminds you of a lover?: oh yeah.
144) Do you enjoy living in your town?: no i hate it. i wanna go back to buffalo
145) Do you smoke?: yeah usually
146) Do you drink?: all the time. i think i am an alcoholic lol
147) How often do you shower?: every other day. the red hair needs to stay red damn it!!!!
148) Do people you live with complain about the water bill because of the lengths of your showers?: no! lol
149) Do you trust others easily?: yeah, very bad thing of mine.
150) Have you ever lied to a friend?: yup. saddens me.
151) Are you trustworthy?: oh yeah.
152) Are you anyone's secret-keeper?: hehe yeah.
153) Are you a daredevil?: usually.
154) Have/would you skydive: probably if i didnt die by the time i got up there
155) Have/would you bungee jump?: hell fuckin no
156) Have/would you play "Chicken"?: what the fuck is that?
157) If granted one wish, what would it be?: that i would be skinny
158) Do you like to dance?: yeah yo
159) Which do you prefer - slow or fast dancing?: gothy lol
160) Do you like to swim?: love swimming
161) Do you make friends easily?: yeah when i take my meds lol
162) If so, where do you most often make friends?: wherever.
163) Do you color your hair?: always
164) Do you wear makeup?: everyday
165) Are you a person who lies a lot?: not a lot. but a fair amount.
166) What religion do you practice, if any?: none.i believe in myself.
167) Do you like high heels?: no. i like platforms though
168) Are you homophobic?: hell no
169) Do you like to travel?: Yup
170) Granted you are American, have you ever been out of the US?: yup. to europe and canada
171) Do you own any pets?: fish and cat
172) Do you have a cell phone/pager?: cell phone
173) Do like amusement parks?: sorta
174) If so, what is your favorite park/ride?: uhh..the himalaya?
175) Do you collect anything?: candles
176) Do you enjoy having your picture taken: yes i do :)
177) Do you keep your room/apartment/dorm clean?: haha no
178) Do you get annoyed easily?: yesh
179) Would you consider yourself a depressed person?: yeah. especially cause clinically i am diagnosed lol
180) Have you ever been to a concert?: bunches of times
181) If so, who/what did you see?: oh man...Bush, No Doubt, Moby, Incubus, The Drive, Flickerstick, The Phantoms, Remy Zero, Rubyhorse, Spicegirls (lol dont ask), Will Hoge..the list goes on
182) Have you ever performed in public?: yeah a bunch of times. thats all i did when i was younger.
183) Do you have any piercings: ears, tongue and nose. hope to repierce my eyebrow soon.
184) Do you have any tattoos?: 4, and hopefully more soon :)
185) Do you dream often?: lately i have been. good meds yay
186) Do you frequently daydream?: when i was in school i used to
187) Do you have a job?: nope
188) What was your first job?: teachers aid
189) Do you have any health problems?: does mental count? then i have tons.
190) Are you a vegetarian?: i used to be
191) Have you ever been in a crash?: nope. but almost
192) Have you ever had a near-death experience?: yeah
193) Have you ever won anything?: 2 tickets to the x-files convention!! hehe and a bunch of free mountain dews hahaha
194) Do you play a musical instrument?: violin, piano and a little guitar
195) Have you ever had someone close to you die?: nope.
196) Have you ever broken a bone?: my ASS bone. for real. i broke my butt.
197) Have you ever had stitches?: no
198) Do you have any scars?: Yeah :(
199) Have you ever had major surgery?: nope
200) What is your earliest memory?: my third birthday i think
201) Have you ever gotten in a physical fight?: lol yeah
202) What is your dream job?: to be a photographer.
203) Do you plan on having kids?: hell fuckin no. they are a pain in the ass.
204) What phrase do you use the most?: for real, get the fuck out, shut the fuck up, fuck, what the fuck, lol
205) Have you met/do you know anyone famous?: tons of times hehe. hmmm the foo fighters, david duchovny, gillian anderson, gloria reuben, flickerstick, remy zero, ben stiller, desiree, steve zhan...i think thats it
206) Do you carry a wallet/purse?: both
207) Have you ever baby-sat?: Yeah
208) In what position do you sleep?: on my stomach
209) Have you ever fallen asleep on someone else's bed?: hehe yeah
210) Have you ever fallen asleep on someone else?: lol yes
211) Do you put on a front for anyone?: yeah, usually everyone except 3 close people in my life.
212) Do you cry?: all the time
213) Do you have a pen-pal?: uh no.
214) If so, how long have you been communicating?: bvgevgq
215) Do you have friends in other parts of the world?: yup
216) Have you ever gotten in trouble with the police?: haha sort of
217) Have you ever committed a felony?: yeah.lots of times hehe
218) Do you believe in ghosts?: yes
219) Have you ever been skinny-dipping?: nope
220) Do you believe in yourself?: no...
221) What kind of pin-ups do you have on your walls?: none right now. well i have my queer as folk calendar up. i used to have angelina jolie, johny knoxville, flickerstick, kurt cobain and...shit i dont remember, it was another poster of someone else.
222) What is the background on your computer screen of?: me and vito at the barbwque last week
223) What languages do you know?: english, hungarian, very little spanish
224) Have you ever visited another country?: yup. didnt we cover this?
225) Have you ever needed to call 911?: no
226) Do you have a sweet-tooth?: oooh yeah
227) What restaurant do you enjoy going to the most?: Olive Garden
228) Have you ever ridden a motorcycle?: nope i wish!!
229) Do you own a motorcycle, and if so, what kind?: nooo.
230) Have you ever committed a misdemeanor?: yeah
231) Do you consider yourself organized?: noo. very not.
232) Have you ever fainted?: nope
233) Do you wear a watch?: yes
234) Do you wear any jewelry?: lots
235) Did you enjoy climbing trees when you were younger?: hehe yeah
236) Have you ever driven through a cornfield?: uh no, not growing up in nyc...
237) Do you have pictures around the frame of your mirror?: dont have one thats like mine...
238) Has an airline ever lost your luggage?: nope i would kill them
239) Do you read the comics?: depends. x-files ones, johnny the homicidal maniac, lenore and squee. anything by romane dirge and jhonen vasquez.
240) Do you read the opinion page?: sometimes.
241) Do you read the sports section?: eeeeeew no
242) Do you spend money more than you save it?: haha yeah. i spend more then i have!!!
243) Have you ever read/bought something "just for the articles"?: uh no.
244) Do you believe in aliens?: yes very much.
245) Do you believe in God, the Devil, heaven or hell?: hell no lol
246) Do you believe in reincarnation?: hmmm i dunno
247) If so, what/who do you think you were in your past life?: i think people would have been people. i think i was a boy
248) What period in history are you most intrigued by?: old egypt
249) If you died now, could you leave happily?: yeah cause i always wanna die. but no cause right now i would want to finish a few things i guess.
250) The survey is over! Are you still breathing?: oh man, i almost forgot to breath there for a second...ehvgerlvge

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