September 8th, 2001

Felix- to the left


so i went to my friends room at 1am yesterday cause i was having a really shitty and depressed night, cause i knew she had shit to drink. by 5am I was crazy drunk, trying to go in the lake and shit. and i dont even remember the rest. Today I thought i was gonna die. I woke up and i felt like the biggest shit ever. I threw up ALL freakin day. and my stomach still hurts. That was the worst experience ever. all i did all day was download Nirvana stuff. I couldnt even go to class. Then after barfing so many times, i was feeling better at around nighttime and i was crazy thirsty. i must have drank 2 bottles of snapple, a cup of mountain dew and 3 bottles of water. all that dehydration! I tried to watch all this cool shit on VH1 today but i was so busy getting sick that i missed half of it. I am never drinking again...yeah right. :/

"What do you expect after 45 shots?!" - Brandin
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Felix- to the left

Toooo hotttt!!!

Gawd its so hot today!!! iam dying. it goes from like 50 degrees to like 90 overnight. this is rediculous.

so yesterday was a total bummer cause i was sick all day. So i didnt go out, but maybe tonight i will. I downloaded a bunch of songs though so it was cool.

today i have watched miss congeniality like 5 times. not by choice...
I cant wait to go see Rock Star. that movie looks awsome!!

I might go to PJ's tonight. i just gotta find a way to get in. I'm in no mood to do extra work today, like get up off my chair.
"I swear to god this whole side of the room stinks. We are doin laundry tomorrow." - REX (yay flickerstick!!)
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Felix- to the left

off i go

off to PJ's I go. this should be a fun night. i am only being half sarcastic. I'm not much for the club part of it. i'll just hang at the bar. But atleast we are getting a ride there. I am wearing such a cleavage shirt. I hate cleavage shirts. Thats casue i have too much cleavage and all attention gets drawn on that. ick. i hate boys. I could use a nice girl though :) so here i go...
"The drinking got really out of hand and, we - I blacked out about halfway through it."-Dominic
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