September 24th, 2001

Felix- to the left


Yes the new fall season starts today, which means my life will be on hault for a few months lol. i wish. I was SOOOO tired today! i dont even know why. We didnt stay up THAT late last night! Andrea got back from home and brought her cat back with her. Its the cutest cat ever! i played with it for like 2 horus and then i almost died from my allergies. I hate fucking allergies. especially to cats since i love them so much. Se Josh and her came over and we just hung out for a while like we do every night. It was fun.

I dont know whats wrong with me, i am always soo hungry! i eat and like 25 min later i am hungry again!!! argh.

well my birthday is this thursday so I'm really excited about that. I hope its a good day. I dont have classes that day either so thats awsome!! yippeee!! Tonights the premier of ANgel which I am way excited about. I miss Buffy though :(
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Felix- to the left


Sometimes I wonder what its like not to be alone. I wonder what people feel like when they have actually felt that pure moment of not being alone. i sometimes wonder if i will ever not feel alone. I think I am like one of those people magnets but the oposite. Everyone is just repelled away from me whether they have a reason to or not; whether they know me or not. i don't know what it is though. If i knew I would fix it, but i dont even have anyone to tell me whats wrong. I mean, i have friends, but none of them are there all the time. They are not there as friends, just as people who need me when they dont want to sit alone. At times I tell myself that it's good to be alone. That way i can just do what i want when i want and i dont have to give a shit about other people. But i am so kidding myself. All i want is someones arms around me, telling me thats its gonna be ok, even if we both know its not.
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