September 28th, 2001

Felix- to the left

*chloroform the one you love*

My b-day was great. I had such an awsome day. First all my cool lj friends were so weet to me and sent me tons of birthday messages! yippee
Andrea aranged this whole surprise party thing for methis morning. She got everyone in my hall to come and Josh, Jim and Matt were there too. It was so awsome. Andrea was like "Csilla I cant get the lounge door open" and i was like you freak whats wrong with you. lol so i went over there and opened the door and they were all there. I turned bright red lol. it was awsome. hehe..matt....

So then i just hung out with people all day. Lil, Maggie, Abbey, Andrea, Mare. it was awsome. I saw faye and she gave me some pot for my b-day!!! lol what a crazy girl i love her! hehe. me and michelle hung out too. SO then Andreas ex-bfriend Luke came over and hes a pretty nice guy. My mom got a cake sent to meee it was icecream. and balloons!! hehe we scarfed up the cake lol. josh had like 3 pieces. crack addict =)
I went to Heathers to watch the season premiere of friends. I was sooo happy to see her. We had the best time. I brought her some brownies and the rest of the icecream cake. she almost dies of happyness. Then i came back to my rooma dn me andrea josh and luke went out to eat at abblebees or however you spell it. so good day all in all!!

Now i hav to watch the season premiere of ER that I taped for me!! AHH I am so excited!! I am madly in love tooo.... irk
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Felix- to the left


Well, another day of missed classes. yeah this college thing is really working out. lol so my plan today is to 1.take a shower 2.clean my room for my math test 4.Practice my guitar. That sounds good to me. I actually had a dream that i finally went to math and the teacher was handing back the math tests. So i totally missed it. That would not be good. I cant fail this class AGAIN. oh man, i am so screwed. lol Well my roomate was having a crisis last night so I didnt get to bed till 4!! how the hell was i supposed to wake up at 7??? tell me that!!!! Atleast i got to watch Strange Frequency at 3am lol. I wish it was the end of the year already. And now I am 19. ick
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