September 30th, 2001

Felix- to the left


I FINALLY dyed my hair!!! it looks awsome. the color is soooo turquiose. Thanks a bunch Rayshelle!!! It was such a long tediouse project but its worht it. I have dye all over my scalp though. thats not cute at all. hehe. Now i'm gonna listen to some music and smoke. havin lots of fun tonight!!!
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da bomb

My hair is awsome! lol its so bright!! ahh!!! lol. i am waiting for it to dry now and to see Josh and thn my friend can come over and we can finally have fun. This is all taking way too long. I am soooo never getting to bed tonight. I am so tired too. My room is sucha mess you cant even really see the floor anymore. its like a hurricane ran through. i thought people just said that but it REALLY truly looks like that. hehe. I was sooo bored until finally Samsaved me. Love the black hair =)

so yeah. thats that. NIN is sooo good in the dark =)
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    Closer ~NIN
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AHHH I just woke up. Ihad a little too much fun last i can barely even rememeber what i did!!! So i cant even tell ya! lol All i remember is that we started to watch Primal Fear, which is one of my most favorite movies in teh whole world. lol. So i'm finally up now and all i can do today is study for my math test. I have no idea what i am doing but i have to do it cause i CANNOT fail this test. I will have to die if i fail this test. I had some weird fucking dreams last night! I wont even get into those...Its already gonna be october. this cant be good. I have to go see Run Lola Rn tonight cause its one of Joah's programs. Sucks that hes an RA. AHHH tomorrow is Fallfest! i cant wait to see 3 doors down and everclear!!!!! its gonna be the best!!!!!


“I just need you to walk me to the van.”
--drunken Cory to Rex. Rex walks away to get drunken Dominic

“Who’s walkin me to the van?”
--drunken Cory to...himself
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    Mourning Sun ~Dave Navarro
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funky survey

I got this from rockstargrrrlie's lj buti dont know how to link lol...
What will you be when you grow up?:I'm gonna play guitar in a band
Will you get married?: probably not
Whos your best friend?: right now i dont know..Kara maybe
Do I remind myself of any characters on TV?: Eli from once and again..yeah i should have been a boy..
Am I physically ugly, average, decent, good-looking, beautiful, hot?: i'm pretty decent
Would anyone ever kiss me?: yeah they would...they have
Would anyone ever consider being my boy/girlfriend?:maybe
Does anyone have a crush on me?: uh..i dont think so
Do I wish I was closer to someone?: YES
Out of all the shades of pink, which one is your favorite?:hot pink baby
What hair products do you use?: mousse
What makes you feel most girly-airhead?: the way i act when i see Flickerstick....Fletcher mostly hehehe
Bra or no bra? definitely bras
Do you think you're fat? yeah i'm fatter then the average girl. lol
Do you and your friends actually have "slumber parties"? uhh no
Do you take advantage of being a girl to get free stuff?only if i really need to
Do you always shave your legs and underarms? sometimes not in the winter
What do you think of getting pregnant? nope
If you could spend a night with 5 musical artists, who would they be? Fletcher Lea, Trent Reznor, Kurt Cobain, Aaron Lewis, Jimi Hendrix
Name a song or concert that moved you to tears? Flickerstick concert...a song by Transindustria
What is your favourite soundtrack? the x-files and the breakfast club (AHHH i know theres a better one i just cant rememebr!!)
Like System of a Down? eh
Like The Beatles? eh
Like Janis Joplin? a little
Like Limp Bizkit? sometimes when i get past them being sooo corny
Like Deftones? yeah
Like Radiohead? sometimes
Like Everclear? yes
Like Staind? OH GOD YES! lol
Pink Floyd? love them
Like The Misfits? wouldnt know
Like Less Than Jake? yes
Like Matthew Sweet? dunno
Like Crazy Town? only one song
Like Tom Petty? ick no
Like Blink 182? yeah
Like The Bloodhound Gang? ewewewewew
Like Foo Fighters? yeah i LOOVEE them
Like Sublime? i guess
Like Grateful Dead? dunno
Like Marcy's Playground? hehe
Like 2 Pac? no
Like The Doors? mucho yes
Like Oasis? ick no
Like The Cure? ya
Like Weezer? noooooooo
Like RATM? yeah i guess
Like Factory 81? uh..who?
Like Marilyn Manson? yes yes yes
Like Cold?
Like Alien Ant Farm? hmmm....yeah
Like Tool? yeah
Like Nine Inch Nails? OMG yes. I will have their children i love them so much!!!! LOL
Like Static X? eh
Like Pearl Jam? AHH YES!
Like the Beach Boys? eww why is this question even here???
Like Def Leppard? Definitely yes!!!! go 80's!!!!
Like Elton John? AHHHH! nooooooooo