October 1st, 2001

Felix- to the left

whos my type of guy

Who's Your Type?

Your type is the Artiste

Creative. Sensitive. A bit offbeat. Your type is the Artiste, a unique guywho knows how to express himself in many ways, whether it's through words,music, or attire. You're attracted to his unconventional ways and hisremarkable talents. He doesn't feel compelled to abide by society's norms.He believes that individuality is the key to happiness, and everything hedoes is a reflection of his "inner self." You fall head-over-heels for suchconfidence and style. Whether he's playing a song he wrote for just you orwriting you a love letter, this guy knows how to make you feel special. He'sin touch with his feminine side and doesn't need to assert his masculinityto feel manly. If we were to paint a picture of your future, the Artistewould definitely be part of it!
Felix- to the left

LOL i told you!!!

What Type Are You?

You are a Bad Girl

Who's a prim goody two-shoes? Not you! A little bit jaded and oh-so-experienced, you're the opposite of good; in a phrase — very, very bad. When you watch Grease, you root for Rizzo, not Sandy. Motorcycle clubs and tattoo parlors know you by name — you've been there and done that. Never one to say no to a good time, you'll stay out late and party till dawn. Guys dig your spontaneity, sense of adventure, and leather-dominated wardrobe. They swarm to you like bees to honey. Still, no matter how tough you are on the outside, you can get very tender around the right guy. You don't have to talk about your feelings with everyone you meet, though. That touchy-feely stuff doesn't really fly with you. Men admire you for being a sharp-minded, rebellious gal who knows how to let loose and bring out their wild side.
Felix- to the left


AHHHH!! i have to go take a math test right now! someone just kill me now cause i would rather be dead.

Atleast i have fallfest to look forward to! this sux big flickerstick balls.
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Felix- to the left


Math test went pretty well! i actually understood stuff!! lol but i guess i'll really know when i get it back, which means i actually have to go to class for a while. lol. So ahhh Fallfest is today!! i am soo excited to see 3 Doors Down. i know, dont be jealouse! hehe

Josh looks so cute today!!!! i dunno what to do about that yet. Hes soo wonderful. i dont know where i would be right now without him. I think he saved my life...
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