October 8th, 2001

Felix- to the left

*lift up your head*

My test went horiibly today. I woke up so late cause this weekend was so stressfula nd i just couldnt get up. My body just would not get up. it was horrible. SO i missed my first class and i was supposed to get my math test back but now i have to wait till wednesday. SO me and Joah went to nutrition together. I totally avoided the whole me being upset at him. I dont think I'm gonna go there cause its not fair to him and i really dont need this anymore. The nutrition test was so bad. Like how was I supposed to study with all this crap going on this weekend??? anywyas i know i failed. but whatever. I just havnt been feeling good lately, its like everything is a bad dream. I dont want to be me anymore. i just want to disappear.
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