October 14th, 2001

Felix- to the left


so my family finally left. it was fun but i'm glad tis over. yesterday my parents came at like 1:30 and then we just went shopping and we went out to eat. it was really good. Then we went to see teh comedian/actor kevin james cause he came to do a show at out school. He was really funny. I'm glad we went to that. Then we just came home and my sister slept over again. We went to Michelles room and made jello shots. then we smoked up and hung out there the rest of the night.

I found out tht they play buffy here saturdays at 11! and they are all the old episodes too! in order! i was SOOOO excited. so yeah we watched that too. My parents came to pick up my suster this morning and left. I went back to bed. lol. slept till 4:30 then i took a shower and here i am.

I had the weirdest dream about Josh last night. It was just me trying to get all close to him and stuff, then i hugged him and hes like, i kno wyou wanna get close but do you like me? it was really weird. then i woke up. that always happens. so i dont know how the dream would have ended. His girlfriend went home today. i havnt seen him since last night. Andrea should be coming back today too. i miss them.
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