October 19th, 2001

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Bugdom Rocks

yes yes, drunkness is fun. we had a girls night in Erica and Kristins room tonight. we all hung out and just partied. I actually felt really good. we played drinking games and such and took lots of pictures. lol. i cant wait to put up the 7th floor sluts website. haha Lil actually smoked a cigarette tonight. i feel so bad but she was so cute. So yeah. Josh came up and i gave him attitude and i was like were you even gonna come see us (cause he was in teh lounge warming up food) and he was just like no. So i was like uh ok, whatever and then i was like well, we have to go. and he was like oh i see the resentment, lol i was so drunk by then so i was just like yeah well, it was all up to you josh. then i come back later and theres a note on my door and all that saying that he really does care. yeah right haha. whatever, i had so much fun tonight i dont need to worry about his crap. he can come talk to me about it tomorrow if he wants. whatever, i have enough fun with my 7th floor sluts =) hehe we are not really, lil made up that name cause she thinks shes so cute. well she is actually. lol

so after all this i had a serious talk with andrea about stuff and i kinda told ehr what was going on with me but not really. atleast its a start. NOOOOO classes for me tomorrow, yeah right like i can even get up!!!
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i just woke up like half an hour ago and it felt really good. I could hardly sleep last night. it was really dominic weir-d lol. But Erica ispicking up my grade on my test and shes dropping off my film so thats all i needed to do today anyways. I love her so much. i really bonded with the girls in my hall yesterday. it was so great. so saturday we are planning on going to Canada. I dunno if i'm gonna go. Mary is going home for the weekend so i'll have teh room to myself =)

Andrea said she saw Josh and he was all like sorry and he knew that i was really mad at him but he was sorry, and i'm like ok so let the fucker come tell me himself. If he doesnt i just dont know what i'm gonna do. I mean, hes supposed to be our best friend. Best friends dont avoid you for two days and tehn just blow you off like that. ick.

but whatever, i have my girls now and thats perfectly ok. i dont need people that are just gonna make me feel bad. i feel bad enough as it is, i dont need the extra worry of that! ok so blah blah blah enough of this crap. i think i'm gonna go shower now. teehee
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i hate boys!!!!

yes i really do. the nerve of Josh. he just calls and asks me if i want to go have diner with him. ugh. so of course i went against my better judgement but i brought Kristin along so i could talk to her and just ignore Josh. So then hes like, are you mad at me. I really wanted to slap him and be like duh jackass how could you even be asking me that? boys can be so dense sometimes. i just dont get them. Then he calls like half an our ago and wants to know if i wanna talk about it. and i'm like no so hes like ok well you wanna hang out? GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!! so i decided to just be alone all night. i dont feel like being with people anyway.
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