December 11th, 2001

Felix- to the left

my fletcher =)

Today was like the best day of my entire life. we practicall hung out with fletcher for the entire night! he has to be the awsomest sweetest guy i have ever met. We got there and he immediately recognized us. he waved and came over and was like, you guys got in ok? then he got us VIP passes which was totally awsome of him. We stood around and got everyones autograph. they were so nicr about it. The show was fuckign amazing. It gets better and better each time. They were all sooo full of energy and really into it. Brandin even climbed ontop of the highest speaker. omg it was so amazing. they totally rocked the house. After the show we went over to the bar and watched the wonderful flickerboys get drunk and fun. Fletcher came over to us and was like, hold me up cause i think i am gonna fall down, then he hugged and kissed me for like 5 minutes wile we talked. I thought i was gonna die right there. I got a hug and a kiss from each of the boys and cory got cute and licked my cheek. lol Dom was the first one to get wasted. we asked him to sign stuff and he was like moving in circles with his pen lol. Brandin loved one of my pictures so much that he made me promise to send it to him and he gave me his address!!! i thought i was gonna die. and he wore the eyeliner again =) haha we even took pictures with Mick(Gay dad!!!!! lol) he was so sweet and nice too. so yeah, thats all i am gon na write fro now cause i am too excited to sit here and write more hehe. ahhh fletcher..i ot sooo much of fletcher tonight. my life is complete...
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    your so hollywood ~flickerstick (my pals!!)