December 19th, 2001

Felix- to the left

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went to see oceans eleven yesterday. It was such an awsome movie. Shane west was in it for like 5 minutes! i love him to death. But all in all it was a really great movie and i recommend it to everyone.

Today we are gonna try to go see rent. I really dont feel well so i dunno how thats gonna work out. We have to wait around for a long time to get discounted tickets. wopee. Kara is coming though, and josh and annie. I think andrea and annie liked eachother yesterday so that was cool.

My friend Kinga is coming this weekend so i might not go to josh's house.

FLickerstick is gonna be here Jan 16th. I have to go. I am going. No questions. YAY!!! I get Fletch for christmas!! hehe
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Felix- to the left


I am sooo tired. We eneded up not seeing Rent, and Kara ended up not being able to come =( we went to the village though and walked around for a while but Josh and Andrea were making a big fuss so we had to come home. I got some incents and a black glitter hat though so that was cool. I am so tired though. Its like not fair that Josh gets to go home and I still have to take Andrea everywhere. This was supposed to be a joint thing and its getting not fun anymnore cause i am so sick already and i cant rest. it sucks so bad.
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