January 22nd, 2002

Felix- to the left


i had my first class of the semester today. It was way awsome. Its called understanding music and today we just listened to a bunch of songs and like analyzed them. this has to be like my dream class!! i am so excited. i have advanced writing at 3:30. that should be fun too cause i love writing. it better be a good class. hehe

my books for class cost way too much and that was really upsetting cause we are having sucha money problem right now. $350 for books is outrageous! argh

we have a hall meeting today which i am not looking forward to but oh well, no good shows on tonight anyways lol. i really am gonnamiss buffy now that i was home and actually got to see it!!

so school is here and its ok. i hope i get through it. i need new music!
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Felix- to the left


english sucked. there are 3 girls in my class and there are a group of guys that are really big jerks. there is this one really hot guy in it though hehe. i need some hot girls too so i have two things to look at!! lol

i want to have an amazing voice. i have a good voice but its not like brandin amazing and i want it to be...
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